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I'm a Student Affairs Professional that works in Campus Activities at Texas State University - San Marcos. I'm married with three wonderful kids.

This blog is a reflection of my thoughts (personal & professional) as well as a medium to share things I'm reading or watching.

CYA Statement: This blog is a reflection of myself both personally and professionally. The thoughts here are by no means representative of what my employer thinks. Don't like what I say or share? Take that up with me & not who I work for.
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EDUsports talks issues and ideas related to sports at the college level. On the February 10th show, we talked about…


  • North Dakota Mascot Fight
  • NCAA moving kickoffs to protect players
  • Memphis joins Big East
  • Playoff proposed by Big Ten
Who’s Bad


NCAA is passing penalties that only apply to sports other than men’s basketball and football?
Mid Majors can win in men’s basketball and football but can’t inwomen’s basketball. The blueprint is different.
Title IX might end up being…



EDUsports talks about issues related to college sports and frames it for higher education professionals. In this episode, we discussed:

  • Doug Smith came on as a guest host (our new resident hockey expert) and broke down how the creation of…


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Okay, I’m still figuring out Tumblr & my previous post didn’t work so here’s a link to the latest EDUsports podcast - click on the link to listen.